Our Australian Cattle Dog breeding

As we came to the dogs

I am a dog lover since my early days. Grown up with handsome German Boxers my heart still melts whenever I encounter one. Our “crinkle noses” were always my best companions on forays through the countryside, loyal friends, the best listeners, the toughest fitness trainers and they surely preserved me from some youthful misdeeds.
My husband’s love of dogs dates to the time of our marriage. As he asked to marry me,
I had a counter-question: “You'll take me even with a dog?”. Today he says he had only two choices to answer: Yes or Yes.
Sure you can live without dogs, but it is not worth it!

As we came to the Australian Cattle Dog

After researching several breeds we decided on the ACD. This is one of the most healthy, natural, flexible and instinct-driven dog breeds of the world. Their high social competence makes them reliable companions. With a Cattle Dog you never get bored and this breed challenges you always in new ways.
Last but not least we hope that this breed will never come into vogue.
On our numerous trips, from Australia to the USA, long before we started to breed ACDs, we visited many well-known breeders, as well as dog shows to collect as much knowledge as possible about this extraordinary breed.
In 1996, after long consideration, our choice was made.
Today Va Bene ACDs live in more than 15 countries all around the world, from the USA to Russia.

Our Australian Cattle Dog kennel is small but nice!

Responsible Australian Cattle Dog breeding is based on a solid foundation of a cynologic, as well as breed specific, knowledge.
We plan every litter with the highest accuracy.
In our breeding stock we have only the dogs which scored best in miscellaneous health tests, have an absolutely sound character and a valid ACDCD/VDH/FCI breeding license.
We are breeding just with full dentition, mostly A1 hips tested parents and get puppies which are clearly genetically prcd PRA free!
We are testing more than our club/VDH/FCI rules:


I am full-time at home, which is a necessity for breeding dogs. Puppies are not born by considering your job meeting schedule in your filofax.
Our pups are born in our house in an extra puppy room next to our living area. From the beginning they are closely integrated in our family life and learn everything they need to be nice dogs for the rest of their lives.

As soon as they are big enough, they can run around in our 7,000sqm grounds with different dog playgrounds. They get acquainted with all kinds of animals, active kids, noises, discover dog sport equipment and we take them for a joyrides. Later on we also make some small trips by car to get them used for traveling. Both bitch and male are educating the puppies.
Our kennel is constantly controlled and coached by experienced veterinarians and VDH breeding supervisors.
Our puppies will be handed over earliest at 8 weeks well socialized, vaccinated, chiped, dewormed and BEAR tested (80dB) and with a starter package just for the ”fresh air fanatics”. They get ACDCD/VDH/FCI pedigrees.
We are breeding with a lot of heart and soul and expect from our puppy buyers, that they do their home work before applying for a dog! We proof them religiously for the ACD aptitude.
This includes a good preparation for the new family member as well as the willingness to deal intensively with the newcomer. We recommend to visit a dog school as a good basis for the life of two- and four- legged family members.
We hope always to keep in touch with our Va Bene family members. So we are very happy if you share your fun about your dog with us even years later. If you should have some problems with the dog we are glad to help you.
All Va Bene puppies will be handed over with a considerable, juristic proofed and European law based contract.
None of our Va Bene bred animals should ever be passed from hand to hand or be sent to an animal shelter.
As diligent breeders, at Va Bene we don't hold an inventory of puppies. It may be that you will have to postpone your joy by waiting for the right puppy. A couple of weeks of waiting are nothing compared to the many pleasurable years you will enjoy with the four-legged fellows, which for the ACD could be easily 13 to 15 years.
But there are also exception. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest dog ever was an ACD called “Bluey” who lived for 29 years and 5 months. He was hard working for over 20 years with stock at a farm in Australia.

zucht If you are interested in a „Va Bene“ Australian Cattle Dog, we will put you on our waiting list. With a decision for a new family member you should “go pregnant” a little bit.
We absolutely disclaim the sugar-coated “black-breeding” without any club control or so-called „register-breeding“ (also under ACDCD/VDH).
For us, breeding is similar to cooking! You have to use the best ingredients and do it with a lot of passion if you want to cook in a 5 star kitchen. So don´t wonder, if you see the names of our dogs which are often called for example Sugar, Ginger or Extraordinary Spice!

The Australian Cattle Dog breeding in Germany

The first VDH/FCI registered litter was born in 1984. But until the end of 1993 there were just 48 puppies registered by VDH. By 2004 there were more litters registered.

The thousandth VDH registered ACD was born January 21st 2008 “Va Bene Harmony”.

Most of the VDH breeders pay attention to the health of stud dogs and the growing puppies. Unfortunately there are also many ACDs bred without ACDCD/VDH/FCI papers. The breeding plan, puppy socialization, and health control of the parents (for hips, PRA, ED, BEAR etc.) of these puppies can be very poor.
My husband and I are foundation members of the Australian Cattle Dog Club Germany which takes care of the executive stud book since the 1st of January 2009 (within VDH/FCI) for Germany. Up to then cattle dogs were attended directly by VDH in Germany as a so-called “unattended breed”.

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