The character of the Australian Cattle Dogs...

...can be told as rough, natural and free. Its assets are based on its origin and its original purpose. Well-educated, he tends not to hunt or bark, is always vigilant, but never nervous or aggressive. It is not easy to describe the character of the cattle dog, because there is not the absolute Australian Cattle Dog out there. Each dog is unique in appearance and character and must be seen as an individual. Since the temperament of each cattle dog can vary greatly, it is called a “colorful litter” mostly in every respect.
Despite its small size , the ACD is a lot of dog. With his lively mind and agile body, he is nothing for phlegmatics. To people who do not understand the character of cattle dogs or who are unable to cope with him mentally, he appears to be difficult and rude. Others are enthusiastic about his energy and vitality. The cattle dog is always honest and straightforward, very expressive, often he expresses his needs and feelings overwhelmingly so you can't ignore them.
Because of his former job as herding dog for cattle he developed a strong will and well developed self-confidence. He is instinctively aware of hierarchy and needs a mentally strong and sovereign master to feel safe and secure. Once he feels certain about the leadership ability of his biped he is "the man's best friend in the bush", as the Australians say.


But anyone who believes he can obtain the loyalty of a cattle dog by punishing him is on the wrong track. You cannot impose something on the cattle dog by applying force.
One who cannot accept that the cattle dog has a "free spirit", should look around for a different breed!
For fair leadership his human is rewarded with a strong bond of fellowship. His readiness of mind and leadability characterize him and thus offer a variety of training opportunities. In particular he benefits from his distinct human connection. Preferably, he is always close to its people, firmly integrated into the family life.

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