A good ACD has no color

The following article was caused by an incident that happened recently. If you are interested in a puppy you should give some thought to these lines.
On 20th April following an uncomplicated birth our Mischa delivered to us 7 fun loving “Easter bunnies”. So we had a little tired breakfast on Easter Monday. Us four were hanging over the puppy crate and acted the “puppy cinema”.

Welpen im Korb
  • Isn’t this one cute
  • Have a look on this half masked one, and this sweet plane face, and finally this one...

So it went all the time, as with a beauty contest, all are beautiful, which one is the most beautiful?

All interested parties waited very eagerly on the good news. So we took some pictures and put them on our website.

Zwei Australian Cattle Dogs

The reactions are very troubling for me. Often I had to listen to or read the following:

  • „... so we would have in any case the bitch with the black pirate-eye”.
  • „... we want the dog with the most butch skull, but it had to be the double masked.”

Should I paint black rings around the eyes of the dog with the thickest skull?

I’m just appalled!

Have we reduced the Australian Cattle Dog in Germany just on its color or mask?

Anyone who knows me knows, I ‘m looking for the reasons. So I find out that this imprint is no coincidence. This is not our first ACD litter and so far we have never been so concerned with it.
Solution: Some who should know better are dispensing “good advice” to potential buyers.
Since I am always actively involved in breed rescue I react rather sensitive in such things. An ACD that has been purchased from the wrong reasons (such as optics, etc.) will pretty sure not only have one home in his life. Sadly enough! I don’t want it for my puppies, how about you?
I would have rather preferred to get questions like:

My advice (in relation to the appearance of a puppy) is not ”open up your eyes on purchase a puppy”, but rather to listen to reason and use your self-assessment. In case of doubt, to take one’s time for a decision, or to buy a dog from the toy store. To ask a breeder for advice in the selection of a dog and not to insult him for unfulfilled optical expectations.
Apropos, mistrust a breeder who sells only by color liking.

Written at Easter 2003.
Attached 3 different ACDs (plane face, double- and half-mask) each one with his own special qualities which will surely not depend on the color/mask.

Plane Face Doppel Maske Halbe Maske

Va Bene Beaudesert Sky

Va Bene Aussie

Va Bene Arabella

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