♂WW´09 +´10 +´12 - Multi Ch. Heelersridge Emublu King

♂Heelersridge Firetrail Baron

♂Va Bene Em I Zorro

♂Multi Ch. Tallawong Snow Drift of Kamdebodream


♂Va Bene Neverland King

We don’t like the „popular sire“ breeding, therefore the sires in our breeding program are only in limited use.

The excessive use of individual sires narrows dramatically the genetical variety of this breed in Europe. The following males will be used prevalent for our breeding bitches and the Va Bene bitches in other kennels. That way the Va Bene ACDs will always be something special.

When you are interested in one of the males for breeding, please send us a copy of the breeding papers (from your national club, member of FCI/AKC) from your bitch, before asking for the mating price!

We hope our fellow breeders do not suffer from „kennel blindness“ and self-critically only provide bitches in peer quality for mating.

Those just looking for the cheapest and nearest situated, or in the rumor mill blandished sire, we advise to look elsewhere.

On the contrary, committed, open minded and well informed breeders, who know that success and failure are based on both mating partners, will be gladly supported by us.

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