ACD as herding dog

Australian Cattle dog beim Hüten

Some of them are still herding cattle, mainly where the activity became a sport.
Here you can see "Blucalypt Murphey", a Multiple Champion, therapy dog, avalanche rescue dog, best teacher and last but not least a loyal buddy. He is a good example for good understanding between dog and handler.

Often puppies of poor quality are made tastier for potential buyer with buzzwords like "working line", etc.

Australian Cattle dog nach dem Herding

A distinction between work and show lines doesn't exist. We where taught so by our own dogs. The legendary "Murphey" Multi Champion (amongst others also World Winner) has shown his abilities and instinct for herding not until a grown dog. His strong attachment to all family members (not just to one as it is claimed), his perfect relaxed temper who knows his position in the family has made him to a perfect teacher for me to start herding training.

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